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Wall Art for the Cabin, or Country Home

For a number of years my little cabin, in the sticks of Alaska looked more like a tool shed than a home. Things just take time out here, and I knew the day would come Mississippiaw bars and traps would be replaced with wall art, photography, and items that would make it look like a home.

Now, granted my dogs where not as interested as I was in the prospect of having something more interesting than a calendar, from the auto parts store, adorning my walls, but it was something I really wanted...

It seems like years, (it was actually years)... to get the cabin ready. I needed to add wiring, outlets, and other things that required me to tear down the interior walls in order to get the required hardware installed. Since the cabin was quite small (12'x20'), and the fact that I have to deal with winter, and extreme weather, it was very much like working inside a chinese puzzle. After all, I didn't want to put a lot of stuff on the walls that I would need to store while all this work was going on....

Finally the time came to where I was ready to start making my little fortress of solitude more "homey", I started out with shelving, that was made from rough cut boards that I had made myself from logs.. This little act alone dramatically changed the look of my cramped abode. I made shelving for my books and DVD's as well as a kitchen cupboard... I may actually offer shelving kits in the future, that offer a very rustic look and feel... I'll do an article on this later.

But what I was really wanting was to hang up some of my photography and artwork.

I started out with a few 8x10 photo's that I had matted out to 11x14. Here are a few examples of some of the artwork that I hung up.

Being a huge fan of Black and White photography I framed and hung these two prints.

This print was taken in my old hometown back in Minnesota. While it has a great look of a country lane, especially with the stone wall, it is actually in town near the mississippi river. I used a 4x5 field view camera, with a green filter to lighten the foliage.

This has always been one of my favorite shots and it will be listed in my store soon..

This photo, is of a flower called a trillium. It is a protected flower and if you want one in your house.. This is the only way to get it.. Legally anyhow!! I used a Mamiya C220 to take this photo... I do not recall much of the details however. I just liked how the sun was shining through the light colored petals....

I have been expanding my line of wall art to include not just photography, but digital designs as well. While I still consider my self a bit of a purist, Sometimes getting an altered look can be quite satisfying. However this article is on straight up photography so we'll stick with that.

The photography does not begin or end with just wall hangings and decor for the home, farm, or cabin. I have added my images to items such as wall clocks and even puzzles.

I added this very clock to my own kitchen wall. This old farm was near a piece of property I owned many years ago, and the large white pine tree's in the middle of the hay field always appealed to me..

I am increasing the variety of my clock offerings as I get time. Speaking of which, this clock requires a battery and it keeps time quite well!

check out the line on our website. They are available in three frame colors.

You just look at the walls all day. Especially if you are young, or just bored on one of the bad weather days at the farm, or up at the cabin.. So it was a natural progression to attach photographs to other products as well. Items such as this puzzle.. They are available in many different sizes. From 110 piece all the way up to 1014 pieces. Just what was ordered for those days when going out isn't in the cards... The whole family can have fun putting these puzzles together and enjoy some quality family time.

Slowly but surely my little cabin is morphing from that tool shed into a first rate cabin, or tiny home, or whatever it is they are called these days. And as I work to improve the feel of my own home I invite you to peruse the isles of my store. You just may find the wall art, home decor, or wall clock, that you are looking for. One thing you can be sure of.. These products are not available in wall mart or target. So you will very likely be the first on your block to own this fall yellow picture puzzle, or one of the wall clocks in our store.

So go take a gander and be sure to check back often, as we are always adding to the selection... Spruce up your farmhouse, cabin, or heck, even condo in the big city, with original and unique items....

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