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homesteading off the grid, unique and original wall-art

Hi.. My name is Bill, and I live very much off the beaten path in rural Alaska. I am a poor homesteader who has lost his way, so to speak.

This is the first entry into my new blog here on my website, fondly referred to as myruralworld. I also have a blog/vlog on another site that you can access, if you wish, via a link in the "site map" area of the website.

This blog is where I am combining homesteading off the grid, unique and original wall-art, as well as other furnishings, puzzles and housewares, to make any cabin or home more homey?

The online store I started was out of my attempts to take my little cabin, which for years looked more like a tool shed than a house, and turn it into something that resembled a home. My dogs didn't mind the tool bench or the chainsaw shelf, but after awhile it really started to grate on me and I got more and more anxious to hang something on the walls, lie my own photography, and to have a real kitchen with coffee mugs, and cutting boards and as many trappings of what a cabin or home should look like. traps and animal furs are fine, but only go so far... You want a place that you aren't ashamed to let others see. So I started hanging my photo's.. that morphed into other art... I then got the brilliant idea to put my photo's on mugs, and I started designing those.. which in turn became a myriad

Line drawing of a horse on the prairie
Original Wall Art

of other things, including clothing...

It is my goal to continue both my store and media sites, as time allows. However with my online presence being upgraded I find it more difficult every day to produce and upload content, as I wish to not repeat myself any more than necessary. Copy and paste would be the expedient way of doing that, and indeed I have done that, but I'm not happy about it.

Life here, both offline and online could offer enough data to produce all the media content I need, however, usually to involved to both produce and film the content at the same time. Having a photographer would be great but due to my location that is really NOT a possibility. The process of setting up camera's, ensuring they are framed properly, and in focus requires to much time away from the actual project.

My action camera, which has been very effective, is almost impossible for me to aim properly when attached to my head, and it's wide angle perspective offers some interesting pin cushion effect at close distances. Of which it always seems to be. Rest assured I'm working on it!

So far my short term solution has been to start shooting "short" video's to post on YouTube, and Facebook reels. This has worked out so far, and my viewership is up, however getting much meaningful information is tricky in a video that is less than 60 seconds long... Again, I am working on it.

When I started this venture, it was just my blog. That eventually led to my YouTube channel, then, the very site you are on right now. In doing my research to get these platforms performing better than a hobby it was revealed to me that I needed to be on Instagram, pinterest, LinkedIn, and other media outlets. This was beginning to get deep! I initially just wanted to entertain people and build a small affiliate marketing business. But is sure was no get rich quick thing! I didn't think it was ever going to be, but I was totally unaware of all the tentacles that where attached to this beast!

Therefore I'd like to state in this first blog post, is that I will endeavor to film content for my YouTube channel, which is relevant to my lifestyle as well as product reviews on the equipment and tools it takes to make my world work. My other blog/flog will be a variety of film and written content on the same, and this blog will be dedicated to written words.. At least for now. I do reserve the right to change my mind.

My Instagram and pinterest accounts will be more geared towards marketing, with the occasional short video or cooking picture. Of course the clips and pics will be of relevant content. Until I can find someone to help create media, (my dog seems to have no interest what-so-ever), I'll be doing the best I can. Remember I still haven't mentioned to development of this website and it's inventory. Please don't get me started on the other online store I have, ( ), or the Etsy store I am contemplating.

All of this while doing my chores, keeping the wood-stove going, (in season), washing dishes, cooking food, hauling drinking water, etc.....

It can actually take those long summer days here in Alaska, to get the chores done!

The end result of all this toil will hopefully to build up enough passive income with my affiliate reviews and my online stores, (selling country/rural theme, mugs, hoody's, t-shirts, wall art, and a lot of other products for the cabin and home).

So if you came across this inaugural post of my " blog, please stop by my store on the way out and peruse the isles. You just may find the "moose" coffee mug you've always wanted, or that piece of wall art that will complete the living-room or den wall.

Thank you for stopping by...

I will try and keep my blog here as short and to the point as possible, as I tend to ramble without realizing it. I'm already working on next weeks post. Until then please check out my YouTube channel:

or my other blog which has content from years ago that you might find interesting:

Thank you for your patience and your consideration...



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