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The Full Story

About Me

My name is Bill, and I welcome you to my store. This is my story. Part of it anyhow. I live in Alaska, and I am a typical homesteader who lives off the road system. Some years ago I started a blog to just share snippets of my life, and to tell stories of my experiences living a basic lifestyle.

As the years went by, I added a small youtube channel, because I figured that a video presentation would be more interesting in some circumstances. That led to me becoming an affiliate marketer, to help me earn income year round by promoting products that I myself rely on. The links can be seen at the bottom of the main page. Recently, I decided to also begin designing my own mugs and T-shirts with my logo, and many other designs. This grew to include hoodies, and decor for the cabin, farm home, or anyplace where country and rural places are appreciated. Many of the items feature photo's that I have taken myself, and is even expanding into digital art with the same rural, quite, country theme.

I have begun working with some of the best Print on Demand companies in the united states in manufacturing, and shipping the products I design. So please have confidence in your order. I back it up all the way, and I am only an email away.



My mission is to provide quality and unique items for the cabin, farmhouse, or even city office that desires products made in America, and are truly unique in that they are not massed produced.

My designs are all originated by me and more products and designs will be added on a regular basis. So please stop by often as we will always be expanding and improving.

My Promise

That every item or product that I design will be manufactured and shipped from right here in the United States of America. And that every item will be free of defects and workmanship*.

All orders receive a tracking number so that you can track the progress of your shipment answer ALL inquiries myself and you will have free access to me via email, and (soon) chat, several days a week.

*(warranty is 30 days from receipt of the item.)

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