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Warranty and Shipping Info


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30 Day warranty on defects in manufacturing and design. In case of defective product email a hi-rez photo of the defect to:

Most orders ship in 3 days from receipt of order. Ordering on a weekend or just before a holiday can add manufacturing and shipping time. Most orders arrive in 10-15 days. All orders receive a tracking number and order confirmation via email. Direct all inquiries to:

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Reviews And Testimonials


average rating is 5 out of 5
Great Products

I have a T shirt, coffee mugs, thermal mugs and puzzle! All the Items are great quality tshirt graphic is well done no fading holds up to washing. The kids have done the puzzle several times, image is beautiful and holding up to use very well. The thermal mug keeps my drink of the moment cold or hot for a decent amount of time. The mug holds up well to the unintentional abuse bouncing around while 4wheeling without leaks! (I despise having to clean up spills) I enjoy the items I've received and are used frequently. The shipping was fast, well packaged too. Looking forward to items he will be adding.

Eddie E.

average rating is 4 out of 5
Great Mug..

The colors on the mug are very good! The mugs seems to be of very good quality over all....

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